From the first time that Greg saw the Beatles on the historic Ed Sullivan show, he knew that he wanted to be a musician and play in a band.  As a young boy, he learned to play many instruments focusing on drums.  When he was in high school, he found his first opportunity to play on stage with the locally popular band, Euphony.


One problem presented itself however; they had a drummer but needed a keyboard player. Although it wasn’t his first choice he signed on to audition for the keyboard position.  Greg was well-educated in this area as well having been trained in music theory and taking piano lessons for over seven years.  He became the keys, synthesizer and B3 player for the band when he was a sophomore in high school.


While still playing with Euphony, Greg went on to Gainesville College majoring in music.  During his tenure there, he won musician of the year.  However, as Euphony gained greater popularity, he left college and they began to tour the greater Southeast area.  An eclectic band with premier players, they quickly gained a substantial fan base playing cover songs ranging from Southern Rock, British Rock to Blues and Funk.


Culminating into being able to play on the same stage with such popular artists as The Charlie Daniel’s Band, Wet Willie and others allowed Greg to fulfill his life-long dream.  But when he started a family, he left the band, instead singing and playing in local Christian groups while joining an advertising firm.


Never losing his love for music and performing, Greg left the corporate world in 2000, becoming a partner at Crosstown Sound, a recording studio.  This allowed him the opportunity to hone is musical skills, playing and working with many independent and mainstream artists including Chris Orr, Misty Delana, Keisha Garland and Fernando Aragon (one of the original members of Santana).


In 2002, He began his own Recording studio with his wife/partner helping others fulfill their musical dreams.  Teaming with his wife in 2LiveByGrace ministries, they have written and recorded many original songs which have been recorded by several artists world wide – including US, Australia, Ireland, Finland and Israel.   


He presently owns and operates Full Circle Recording Studio utilizing his musician, engineering and producer skills to help local artists achieve their full potential.